Grand Rapids Art Museum

Grand Rapids, Michigan




This was a unique opprotunity to work on the first LEED certified art museum.  With over two years of design and several years of construction this building was completed with simple, clean spaces.  Electrical devices (fire alarm, receptacles, data outlets and lighting control devices) were carefully located to minimize the distraction so that the art is what is seen.  Exit signs and lighting track locations in the gallery spaces were carefully chosen.  Emergency lighting locations was a great challenge.  It had to blend into the overal lighting scheme. LED lighting was utilized to sidelight the wood panels in the auditorium and backlight the glass panels at the bar.  This buidling also has a unique mechanical system to provide power to.  The lanterns with motorized louvers to allow or not allow sunlight into the top floor large galleries and motorized shades that were tied into the lighting control system in various rooms. This project required alot of teamwork during design and while under construction to finalize all the details that make the electrical devices basically disappear and become part of the architecture.  LEED Gold Certification was obtained.